Mueue - All-in-one Movie Queue Application

Watch in Any Devices

Control your Movie Queue

Quickly select your interests (and disinterests) and flow quickly through recommendations saving items to your watchlist. If you missed a movie in the theatres, we will remind you when it comes out on Blueray or on a streaming services that you subscribe to.

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Make Your Own Playlists

Quickly add the movies you want to watch or the series you want to see. Share your playlists with friends (or strangers) and see what interests you have in common. Who knows, with this service you might even find a binging buddy.

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How does Mueue work?

  • 1 month unlimited access!
  • Save & Share your Watchlists
  • Organize your watching queue.
  • Integrates with your streaming platforms.
  • Import your own collections.
  • Receive reminders for new releases.


  • Limit of 3 Queues
  • Limit of 20 Items
  • No reminders
  • Limit unlocks available

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$12 / year

  • No price increase
  • No limits, ever
  • Reminders included
  • Offers and discounts

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$24 / year

  • Same as Premium
  • JSON access
  • Batch scripts for syncing
  • Future integrations

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